Milestones of development:


Glavkosmos USSR was established as a division of the Ministry of Engineering of the USSR.
Glavkosmos started coordination of international manned spaceflight projects (together with InterCosmos) - first Syrian cosmonaut flew to the Mir space station on Soyuz TM-3.
Glavkosmos signed the contract for developing and delivering a consignment of cryogenic oxygen-hydrogen steps for GSLV rocket.
Glavkosmos became a chief contract integrator for all the Russian companies involved in the Russia-Europe program “Soyuz at the Guiana Space Center”.
First Soyuz-2 secondary payload launch (8 satellites from USA, UK, Norway and Russia).
Glavkosmos got the status of an official distributor provider of Earth observation data from the Resurs-P and Kanopus-V Russian satellite constellations. Glavkosmos became prime subcontractor for launch services for OneWeb program.
Glavkosmos got the status of a commercial operator of Soyuz 2 launches from Vostochny, Baikonur, and Plesetsk Space Centers.
Glavkosmos established daughter company - the operator of commercial launches of Soyuz-2 family launch vehicles - GK Launch Services.
For the first time in space history Glavkosmos deploys 72 small satellites into three different orbits.
Glavkosmos starts implementation of OneWeb satellites launch program.


JSC “Glavkosmos” today’s tasks

Coordination of the international projects of ROSCOSMOS State Space Corporation;
Coordination of Russian enterprises for Soyuz-ST-B commercial launches in the Guiana Space Center (South America, department of France);
Integrated solutions in creating satellite systems of various application;
Services for commercial launches of Soyuz-2 family launch vehicles are provided by daughter company GK Launch services
Provision of Earth observation data from a Russian satellite constellation and services based on them
Projects in manned spaceflights;
Export of Russian space equipment;
Marketing research and analytics, training.

Interesting facts 1/3

On July 15, 1975 Soyuz-19 spaceship was lifted aboard Soyuz-U launch vehicle. It was the first international space flight with the docking of Apollo, a US spaceship. The famous Soyuz-Apollo docking was a historical event and a symbol of rapprochement between the two superpowers in the period of detente during the long-lasting Cold War.

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On April 4, 2019, Glavkosmos JSC, under a contract with Arianespace, launched four communication satellites of O3b Networks, a subsidiary of Luxembourg-based satellite communications operator SES. The name O3b stands for "Other 3 billions", which refers to the world's population, where broadband Internet is not available right now. Thanks to the O3b satellites, the Internet will come to them.

Interesting facts 3/3

Soyuz-2.1a became the first rocket launched from the new Russian space center Vostochny. The historical launch was conducted on April 28, 2016.