Glavkosmos and GK Launch Services announce a new format of cooperation at the 2017 Paris Air Show in Le Bourget

June 20, 2017

On June 20, Glavkosmos and GK Launch Services presented a new format of cooperation at the 52nd Paris Air Show being held in Le Bourget (France) on June 19th-25th. Both companies take part in the Air Show within the joint exposition of ROSCOSMOS State Space Corporation.

At the Press Conference concerning the establishment of GK Launch Services, Glavkosmos CEO Denis Lyskov and GK Launch Services CEO Alexander Serkin spoke about the reasons for creation of the new launch operator, the key tasks and projects aimed at raising the competitiveness of the Russian space industry in the field of commercial launches. 

The GK Launch Services Company was created in accordance with ROSCOSMOS decision as a response to the challenges of the fast developing launch market, especially in the segment of the light launchers. The competencies of Glavkosmos, which has already had the experience of the small satellite launches with Soyuz-2, and the capabilities of the private company Kosmotras, the operator with 20 years of experience in launching a light-class launch vehicle converted from RS-20, were combined in the new company. GK Launch Services is owned by Glavkosmos (75% of the shares) and Kosmotras (25% of the shares). At the same time, Glavkosmos will keep its involvement in the commercial programs with the Arianespace Company under Soyuz in the Guiana Space Center project. In addition, Glavkosmos will focus on the development of other projects (Earth Observation Data solutions, integrated solutions for satellites, etc.) and the diversification of international activities.

The decision to create a joint venture was also driven by the need to utilize the facilities of the actively developing Russian ground infrastructure for space missions, in particular, the Vostochny Space Center. The main goal of GK Launch Services is to reach more than 50% share on the small satellites’ launch market. The development of the new launch vehicles and the launch costs reduction is also a key task for the company.

GK Launch Services plan to use intensively a dual launch configuration (two satellites in one launch mission to be delivered to different orbits). This concept will allow the company to keep and expand its positions in the market of light launchers and offer the price comparable to that of the light-class converted launchers.