Glavkosmos, Gonets and Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary will cooperate in various areas of space activities

July 20, 2021

ZHUKOVSKY /Moscow region/, July 20. - Glavkosmos, Gonets Satellite System (both are part of Roscosmos) and the National Company “Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary” (means "Space Way of Kazakhstan") signed a Memorandum of Cooperation at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021 on Tuesday.

The document provides for cooperation between the three companies in various areas of space activities, including the use of satellite communication technologies based on the Gonets satellite system in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Glavkosmos acts as an integrator of this cooperation project, ensuring the smooth implementation of its stages on the Russian side.

"It is gratifying that our cooperation in space with Kazakhstan, our closest neighbor and partner, continues to progress actively. This will not only strengthen the traditional ties between the two countries, but will also contribute to the development of such a necessary-today partnership in high technologies, which will ensure the demand for cutting edge professions for people engaged in space communications," said Dmitry Loskutov, Director General of Glavkosmos, after signing the Memorandum.


Glavkosmos, JSC is a subsidiary of the State Space Corporation Roscosmos. The main task of the company is to promote the achievements of the Russian rocket and space industry to world markets and to manage complex international projects. During its thirty-five year history, the company has successfully fulfilled over 140 international contracts, including the launch of more than 150 spacecraft as a secondary payload.

ROSCOSMOS is a State Corporation established in August 2015 to carry out a comprehensive reform of the Russian rocket and space industry. ROSCOSMOS ensures the implementation of the state policy in space activities and its normative and legal regulations, as well as places orders for the design, production and supply of space equipment and space infrastructure. Its functions also include the development of international space cooperation, as well as the establishing of environment for application of space domain achievements for the social and economic development in Russia.

Satellite System "Gonets", JSC (part of Roscosmos) is an exclusive operator of Roscosmos for communication, broadcasting and relay systems. The company is the operator and maintaining organization of the Multifunctional Personal Satellite Communication System "Gonets" (stands for “Envoy” in Russian). In the segment of space relay, the company is the operator of the Multifunctional Space Relay System "Loutch" (stands for “Ray” in Russian).

National Company "Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary", JSC implements competitive space technologies, products and services for Kazakhstan, including the design, building and operation of competitive space systems and the provision of high-quality services that are in demand both for solving socio-economic tasks of Kazakhstan and on the world market.