Glavkosmos presented a space food line at the Dubai Airshow-2019

November 20, 2019

MOSCOW, November 20. – At the international aerospace exhibition Dubai Airshow – 2019, Glavkosmos, JSC (part of the State Space Corporation Roscosmos) introduced a line of space food - food sets for cosmonauts which were created in partnership with Space Food Laboratory.

"Guests and participants of the exhibition could taste the traditional cuisine of the UAE. It is that very "guest food set" that the first Emirati astronaut Hazzaa al Mansoori treated the crew of the International Space Station (ISS) to during his mission on the station," said Dmitry Loskutov, Glavkosmos Director General. He also explained that the presentation took place at the pavilion of Glavkosmos, where the company representatives held meetings and talked to the visitors and participants of the forum.

He also expressed confidence that the series of meetings and negotiations held at the exhibition will find its implementation in the new projects of Glavkosmos. "We hope that the meetings and negotiations with our partners and customers, as well as with our future customers and potential new business partners at the Dubai Airshow, will evolve to new projects," said the head of Glavkosmos. "Events of this level always open up new opportunities for our company."

On November 19, Glavkosmos Director General also took part in the panel discussion dedicated to the global cooperation in space research, where he presented his vision of the prospects for international collaboration in space exploration.

The pavilion of Glavkosmos also hosted presentations of products and services of the Russian rocket and space industry enterprises participating in the exhibition.



The Dubai Airshow is one of the most significant events for the international aerospace industry. It takes place in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) every two years. The subject of the of the exhibition is weapons and military equipment for the air force, air defense, space technology, civil aviation and technology in the aircraft industry.

Glavkosmos, JSC is a subsidiary of the State Space Corporation Roscosmos. The main task of the company is to promote the achievements of the Russian rocket and space industry to world markets and manage complex international projects. For more than thirty years, the company has successfully fulfilled over 120 international contracts, including the launch of more than 140 spacecraft as a secondary payload.

ROSCOSMOS is a State Corporation established in August 2015 to carry out a comprehensive reform of the Russian rocket and space industry. ROSCOSMOS ensures the implementation of the state policy in space activities and its normative and legal regulations, as well as places orders for the design, production and supply of space equipment and space infrastructure. Its functions also include the development of international space cooperation, as well as the establishing of environment for application of space domain achievements for the social and economic evolution in Russia.