Glavkosmos to promote Russian medical ultrasound equipment abroad

November 28, 2022

MOSCOW, November 28. – Glavkosmos JSC (part of Roscosmos) will promote Russian medical ultrasound diagnostic scanners to foreign markets. The company has placed on its Unified Product and Component Portal for the Rocket and Space Industry medical ultrasound diagnostic equipment produced by JSC "Research and Production Association "Scanner" (NPO "Skaner”) under the brand “RuSkan”.

NPO “Skaner” carries out the assembly of ultrasonic scanners in close cooperation and using the technological facilities of JSC "Satellite system “Gonets” (part of Roscosmos). Within this project, Glavkosmos is responsible for promoting Russian diagnostic ultrasound equipment to the international markets, including promotion at major international events.

The development of production and promotion abroad of civilian medical diagnostic equipment meets the objectives of diversification of production at the enterprises of the State Space Corporation Roscosmos. The technical and functional characteristics of the RuSkan ultrasound diagnostic systems are identical to their foreign analogues.


Glavkosmos, JSC is a subsidiary of the State Space Corporation Roscosmos. The main task of the company is to promote the achievements of the Russian rocket and space industry to world markets and to manage complex international projects. Throughout its history, the company has successfully fulfilled over 140 international contracts, including the launch of more than 180 spacecraft as a secondary payload.

Since May 2021, Glavkosmos has been the official operator of Roscosmos trademarks.

JSC Research and Production Association "Scanner" produces modern ultrasound diagnostic equipment in Russia and is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of ultrasound scanners manufactured under the brand RuSkan. The RuSkan line of equipment is represented by models from medium to expert class, including a portable expert class model.

JSC Satellite System “Gonets” is an operator of Russian communication and relaying systems created by order of the State Space Corporation Roscosmos.

The Company's mission is to provide high-quality mobile satellite communication and relaying services on the entire territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. Another important task is to participate in the development of advanced space communication and relaying systems in cooperation with other companies of the Russian space industry.

ROSCOSMOS is a State Corporation established in August 2015 to carry out a comprehensive reform of the Russian rocket and space industry. ROSCOSMOS ensures the implementation of the state policy in space activities and its normative and legal regulations, as well as places orders for the design, production and supply of space equipment and space infrastructure. ROSCOSMOS is also vested with authority to develop international cooperation in space and establish the appropriate environment for applying achievements in space domain for the social and economic development in Russia.